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The Ahn Sisters

The Ahn Sisters
originally uploaded by anyjazz65.

These are the Ahn sisters, an amazing trio of musicians. We enjoyed them very much. They were very kind to appear here last Friday in the middle of Oklahoma, given that everyone east of the Mississippi thinks that Oklahoma is still a wild territory with corn as high as an elephant's eye. The concert was excellent.

The musical fare varied from the very original and complex item written especially for the trio by a contemporary Russian composer, to more familiar strains from old masters. The encore was "Orange Blossom Special" played oh so delicately.

While intense and focused while playing, the girls were very personable and humorous between selections. Here one is asking the audience if anyone knows how it is to travel with a cellist.

I avoided a flash and shot the evening with a 70mm lens and available light. Not all shots were clear because the sisters were very animated when playing. So I combined three shots for the above example because I could not catch all three of them holding still at once in one shot.

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