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Saturday's Child - More Learning

Baby and flower

This works ... somehow.
Today: twigs, tomorrow: can openers and pipe wrenches.

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Found Friday - Diet Grocery List

... probably should get small bacon too.

The only item on this list that is not part of the Great American Diet is the catfish, and they are not sure about that.



Abandoned - Please Use Other Door

Please Use Other Door

She was finished talking. Only her gaze continued, waiting, waiting for a reply in the still and sticky room. The summer sun made a scorching scent of the ancient wallpaper and the curtains hung motionless, helpless.

At last the rigid line of her shoulders softened and her eyes tried to seek answers in the corner of the empty room. She turned. Walking hesitantly toward the door, her head tilted briefly as if a change of heart had given her pause. For a breath she stared at the door and then she was gone.

He never saw her again.

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Cat Day

If looks could kill

Let's look at cats for a few Wednesdays.

These will be a mixture of photographs from
the Thinks Happen album
and a few from over in the

Cats, at their worst and best. But they don't care.

Three cats
Passport and identification please.
Two cats in a box

Striped Siamese
Motel Guard-Cat

Boy asleep
How do they drink this stuff?
How do they drink this stuff?
What's all the fuss?
Cats don't have holidays.

A White Kitten
Somebody wants a belly rub.
The epitome of panic
The epitome of panic

Girl in yard 11
Watch it.

I do this best
Girl and cat

Two Girls
Bottle Collection


Can't get enough? You should find a page for cats each Wednesday this month.



Tuesday Thoughts - Feda and Buffy

Feda and Buffy finally convinced the office manager, Norman Nez, to turn up the heat. It was impossible to type while wearing mittens.

Do not order Hops Flowers Tea, even if it has a touch of lemongrass. Trust me.

How come there's never been a palooka from Paducah?

How can anyone love to see movie villains like Freddie Krueger but be afraid of clowns?