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Saturday's Child - But No Tatoos

Child and toy

RRRunn RRRunn ... This is my hog.

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abandoned - Goodbye

Going Quietly

Going quietly, without fanfare.

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Dog Day - Page Three

Duke has been to the Vet.

We are looking at dogs on Wednesdays in November.

These will be a mixture of personal photographs from
the Thinks Happen album
and a few found photographs from over in the

Dogs. They pretty much think they're people. Maybe they are.

Bill Skeen 1940 car and his dog
20120628 Man dog and car

There's something out there.
Dog on the grass

Fred Ragland and dog Larry
Fred with Larry, his dearly beloved pet.
In 1948, during a bold experiment, Fred and Larry exchanged places. To this day, no one knows which is which. Larry is not married.
Fred Ragland and Larry

Of course, this COULD be a cat...
Two boys and a dog

Just restin'.

Three men

A bit of enhancement helped this one.

Three men

It took some careful enhancement to reveal anything in this photograph.

Woman, child and dog

And a dog.
Dog and Pony Show

Dog in the snow
Two women, three puppies
Girl and dog

Dog on a chair
Dog on a chair
Dog on a chair

GIrl with a bow
Six children and a dog.
Two children

Dog and squirrel
Off to see the wizard

This is another wolf. They referred to him as "Old Timer."

He is a resident of
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
Here a specially trained handler gives him a little rub on the neck.

For some really great pictures of these wolves without the fence in the way see these:

Old Timer

Dog waiting
Scooter didn't know what was going on. And he didn't care much. He just knew they were getting awfully close to that pork rib he buried a few feet from here.

Can't get enough? You should find a page for dogs each Wednesday this month.

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