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Sunday Funnies - Exploring

Up to no good

Baby learns to open drawers...



Saturday's Child - Posing Outside

baby in high chair

"This is the FOOD chair. But this isn't the room where the FOOD is. Something's wrong"



Found Friday - The Big Dinner

Probably Thanksgiving dinner shopping. ALL of the Ziplocks? Planning on some left overs, no doubt.



Abandoned - The Last Decision


After a long moment, he turned and walked away. He resisted the temptation to turn and look again. In spite of the many promises to write and call and visit, he knew it would be the last time he saw her.

The last time. His eyes burned. He cleared his throat and bit his lip.

Finally, he could hold it no longer. He turned for another glimpse. But she was already gone.

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Tuesday Thoughts - Three Letters


Benson tried for a long time to play the banjo. Finally, after eleven years, he just shot it.

Just a thought. Every combination of three letters ending in “AG” has a meaning or is in use as an acronym or abbreviation. Here is a list of all of them with brief descriptions.

Aag - Often seen in comic strips representing the sound of a gag or a cough
Bag - Sack, catch
Cag - Microbiology term for amino acid glutamine and various acronyms
Dag - Australian slang for an unfashionable or socially conservative person
Eag - Acronym for various sports and business groups
Fag - Cigarette (Slang)
Gag - Joke, wretch or vomit
Hag - Old crone
Jag - A binge or period of overindulgence; a spree, acronym for Judge Advocate General
Kag - Acronym for Klingon Assault Group and other businesses
Lag - Behind schedule
Mag - Abbreviation for Magazine and an acronym for various businesses.
Nag - Annoy, irritate, harass, badger, hound, harry, criticize, harp
Oag - Acronym for Office of the Attorney General and other things.
Pag - An island in the Adriatic Sea and an acronym for several businesses.
Qag - Acronym for Queensland Art Gallery and other businesses.
Rag - Style of music and an old kitchen cloth.
Sag - Sink, subside, or bulge downward or an acronym for Screen Actor’s Guild.
Tag - A label for the purpose of identification, child’s game
Uag - Texting abbreviation “you're a gangsta”, and acronym Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway
Vag - Drifter; derelict; vagrant; vagabond; bag lady
Wag - Dog tail motion, acronym for the Wives and Girlfriends of the England World Cup Squad
Xag - The unit of exchange value for tradable physical pure silver products
Yag - A synthetic crystal of yttrium aluminum garnet used in lasers, an imitation diamond in jewelry.
Zag - Make a sharp change of direction.



Saturday's Child - Walking 101

Baby in stroller

"Do I HAVE to? You carry me everywhere. Why should I learn to walk?"



Found Friday - The Usual

Just the regular stuff.