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A past not easily forgotten

He walked away.

He could have tried again. Again. He could have found some gentle words to soothe the raging blaze of anger, the thoughtless attack. Again. He might have taken her in his arms, held her hair against his face, let her feel his words come from deep inside. Again. He could have searched for that simple peace, that wind-chime harmony that had held them together for so long. Again.

But he didn’t. He walked away.



Saturday's Child - Naughty Chair

Child in chair outside

It seemed so naughty, having a chair outside in the yard.



Found Friday - Public Storage

Well, That would have to be a pretty big place to store the whole public, 'cause they're like ... everywhere, y'know.



What Is Going On Here?

Try as she would, Sascha could not get all the girls to behave. Vermillion Hughs was always trying to be colorful.

Are you sure it's on this one?

The Waban sails at midnight.
Are you sure it's on this one? (You got Ketchup on that shirt. It'll never come out. And just look at those pants!)

I'll hide over here...

Okay you all just sit there until someone comes along and stops.
I'll hide over here ... Then I'll jump out and yell "boogie boogie boogie"! Won't that be fun?

Sit up straight, Marcia!

Holds three in the front seat..

Me? Drive? I thought YOU were driving? How do you start this thing?



What Is Going On Here?

Sonja was not interested in the photograph session. She was watching a squirrel in the park across the street.

Sonja was found later, reading a Pottery Barn catalog and singing AC/DC melodies softly to herself.

Most people joked that Sonja just had her girdle laced a little too tight. Years later, her physician Dr. Barley Kornn, (Col. USP retired) discovered that her girdle was exactly the problem. Freed from her life-long affliction, Sonja changed her name to Candy and married the good doctor. And although her personality adjusted considerably after her cure, she retained her ability to discuss politics with the squirrels at the town park.



What Is Going On Here?

On Reverse:
Branaw, Austria

One for the "Right place, Wrong time" category, perhaps.

Or maybe a "What's wrong with this picture?"

I picked this up in a batch of pictures thinking it was just a quaint city street a few decades back. Scanned and enlarged it started a whole new, shuddering, strain of thought.

Not the least of which was the reminder that there are fewer and fewer of us still around that were living during those days. Those flags on the building fronts would have gone up sometime after March 1938.

Then I thought about man's inhumanity to man; the greed; how the many can be so led by the few.

In the end, it’s not a cheerful picture at all. It is a dismal peek into misery.

Street Scene



What Is Going On Here?


Is my hair on straight?

Grandpa and Grandma and a Grandkid in the window?

I ain't got time for this Agatha. Everybody knows I can't read.

Belinda knew she was sexy.

But when Carlyle mentioned it, she beat him up.

The idea! The very idea!

Frolic in the Park 361

Holly and Thelma tried to follow Chester’s instructions but in the end they just improvised.