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Curl up and Dye, Tulia, Texas

Millersburg, Ohio
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Killer Haircut!
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Michael and Jennifer Goodrum

bad pun hair salon
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Rhode Island, USA

Curl up & Dye
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Puerto Del Carmen, Canary Islands

Curl Up and Dye
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Louisiana, USA

Curl Up and Dye
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Minnesota, USA

curl up and dye
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Maine, USA

Curl up and dye
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Curl Up and Dye
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Redondo Beach, CA

Curl-Up & Dye
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Ohio, USA

Curl Up & Dye
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Nick Name2005
North Sydney, Nova Scotia

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Colorado, USA

Curl Up & Dye
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Sheffield, England

Curl Up and Dye.

Every beauty operator that ever used this phrase maybe thinks its the first time the pun was ever used.

Well, maybe not.

Curl up and Dye - Bridlington
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Curl up and Dye - Elmore City...
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We stopped at an Estate Sale in Tulia, Texas, population about 5 thousand. A long-time hair stylist had kept a very successful beauty shop in a converted garage at his home. He had just died.

The items of the home and the business were all for sale. My wife found a lovely blue bottle. I found a single photograph lying on a counter.

A nice lady, a beauty operator herself, was presiding over the sale. She sold us the bottle but wouldn’t charge us for the photograph. She even added bit of free information about it.

The picture is from about 1960. The man in the red jacket standing on the parade float, is the shop owner when he was about 40. He is pictured here working on a hair style for his wife who died some years ago.

The rest of the riders on the parade float were all employees at the time. The occasion for the parade is unknown but it must have been a major holiday. There is a Ferris wheel in the background in what was probably an empty field at the time, just off the town square. It could be a county fair. County Fairs are important events in small southwestern towns.

We left the estate sale and went to the center of the town. It was just a couple blocks away. We wanted to see if we could locate where the parade took place. We wanted to see if we could tell how much the buildings have changed in the past 40 plus years. As is typical of so many southwestern towns, it is built in a square around the county or city courthouse or municipal building.

We found the pictured buildings quickly. They had changed very little. The float is shown on the street along the north side of the square.

On the other side of the square is an old movie theater, still operating. And off the square about three blocks is a building with large doors and a completely indecipherable sign.

Around the town were other signs and sights that invited a photograph.

Chubby Buns?

The town seemed too sleepy and benign to have had an event like the notorious “huge drug bust”. It was an event eventually revealed to be an obnoxious hoax and travesty. It is a tale of bigotry and graft, lies and innuendo. Was it a tale of the lawless old west? No. It happened only seven years ago.

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