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Gnat Trap

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gnat Trap (Simple, Nothing to buy, No waiting, Painless, Works every time!)

We buy a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. The onions and squash wait for tea in a small basket on the bottom shelf of the baker’s shelf/wine rack in the kitchen/dining area. The Bananas hang on a rung of the bottom level of that same rack. The fruit, pears and apples mostly, sit on an upper shelf in another basket.

So, one day our kitchen was infested with gnats. The fruit probably brought a few in and then they nested and reproduced in our sole house plant, the African violet.

They are not dangerous, just annoying. They cloud around the sink and the sponges there.

While having our meal one evening, I noted that they took particular interest in my glass of wine, diving in and dying there. So I invented the Gnat Trap.

On the counter near the sink, I left a small glass with about an inch of merlot in it. Next morning I had about 40 dead drunk gnats. I repeated nightly until the gnats were gone. It took more than a week because they probably got into their second life cycle before I caught on to them.

edit 07/05/2007:

Yes, it really works. I have used the trick twice since then. They are gone over night if you set it up when you first notice them. If you let them get a second generation going, it might take a week.

Try it and let me know your results.

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