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hidden mural

Hidden beneath the paneling.

Originally uploaded by anyjazz65.

This very odd mural was hidden beneath the paneling in a kind of rec-room (store room for me) all during the 30 years that I lived in that house.

When I sold the house, the fix-up-for-sale process uncovered it. It is eight foot by eight foot. It covered half of an end wall of the room. It is very strange.

At least it WAS very strange. I had the whole room torn down. This photograph is all that remains. My old Nikon 995 just couldn’t keep the fish-eye distortion under control. I had very limited space to catch the whole wall in one shot. You can see the studs of a divider wall at the sides of the frame.

There were stories about the house when I moved in back in the 70’s. I had heard that a drug dealer lived there before me. Indeed, just after moving in, some very odd looking characters came to the back door looking for “Ziggy” and Glen and Dale.

Unfortunately, there was no way to preserve it. It was on two sheets of sheetrock nailed and taped at the center, and could not be removed without destroying it. So I took several photographs.

signature detail
Lower Left Corner Detail.
Originally uploaded by anyjazz65.

Believe me I thought of eBay also! There was a small signature in the corner but the thing was nailed to the house I purchased, so I think legally it BELONGED to me and not the artist.

I bought the house about 1975 so it was painted and covered before then. I never used the room much except for storage so it went unnoticed until I was fixing up the place to sell in 2003.

There was also a very amateurish nude on the reverse of a 2 foot by 3 foot chunk of paneling that I discovered several years earlier. It self-destructed because it got wet but I photographed it also. I may post it someday when I need a lot of trouble...

There was also a bullet hole in one of the kitchen cabinet doors. Hm.

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  • At Friday, October 31, 2008 8:55:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's kind of..... um..... well, I was going to say finding the mural was kind of cool even if the only really good part is the hair of the central nude.
    The part about strange people showing up looking for Ziggy, though, definitely not so cool.

    Can I ask you a nosey question? Is NYCTreeman on Flickr no longer speaking to you? He got so angry with me before the 2006 elections that he was incoherent. I finally dropped him from my friends list.

  • At Saturday, November 01, 2008 9:11:00 AM, Blogger anyjazz said…

    Yes. I agree. Here was someone who was just on that edge of being an artist. He had the interest and some craft but didn’t push beyond that. Too bad. Seeing it 8 foot by 8 foot was an experience though. Tied with the other history of the house it was quite a conversation piece.

    Your other question is not nosey at all. I had noted that nyctreeman had deleted some of his comments from the Flickr stream. I had just assumed that it was ones that he feared would get him in trouble with Flickr for doing some things that might be deemed commercial, a violation of the TOS. He sells a lot on eBay and he says he is not allowed to mention that on Flickr. I bought a book from him through eBay a while back and he sent me two emails to make sure I deleted all of our Flickr email correspondence referring to the transaction fearing the Flickr Detectives would find them and delete his account.

  • At Saturday, November 01, 2008 11:29:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ah. Well, I'm glad it was not a rancorous relationship like it became with me.

    He would not appreciate your politics; he abhorred mine while I was still a Republican. Soon I will complete my fall from grace (in general, not with him: that ship has sailed) and register myself as a Democrat.


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