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Found Friday

My Glorious Leader always acts as though she doesn’t know me when I pick up scraps of paper from parking lots and road-sides. I find lists and torn photographs, bits of someone’s ongoing life. Lost things, forgotten things, unwanted things. These fragments always represent a tiny slice of someone’s life. And an even tinier bit of life in general; something happening or going to happen or indeed, has already happened.

This past week found these blowing in the wind in Oklahoma City.

Here is a name and phone number (both slightly altered for protection) written on the back of an appointment card. The face of the card is blank except for a beautician’s Hair Style logo with a space for a name and appointment time. No name, no appointment; But the reverse has this memo.

The blue scrap, probably from a dye-cut pad in the shape of a tropical fish, appears to be a list of things for cleaning. Perhaps they are moving and the new apartment or home must be given a thorough scrub. Maybe they are cleaning an elderly relative’s home. Maybe there is a baby on the way and the spare room is being fixed up for the new arrival.

The other paper, a page of a small notebook, was folded and then torn in half. The top section lists some lumber needed for some project. The middle part, just above the tear is a mysterious message. I couldn’t find the third piece. Perhaps it had an important number or address or name and it was tucked away in a wallet or pocket. Perhaps.

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