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A minor rant

Cracked heart ...,
originally uploaded by soozika

view profile anyjazz65 says: This one is good. (above)

view profile soozika says: Thanks! That leaf was lying around casually on my balcony, heart-shaped as is ... well, all ivy is, but this one stuck out :)

view profile matuko amini says: great composition and colors!

view profile soozika says: blogged

view profile anyjazz65 says:Good grief. How did I miss linking these two hearts to the blog collection? I better check the rest of them too. Thanks for the nudge.

view profile soozika says: ... ?? ... but you did, didn't you? That's where I found them!

I just decided to today that I'd mark any (well, almost any) pictures of mine that have been blogged somewhere or other!

view profile anyjazz65 says: Hm. It's a mystery!

Thing is, I missed ALL of the others too! Got that corrected this afternoon.

Finding all your blogged pictures. Now that's a project. You can do that with technorati or something can't you?

view profile soozika says: Yes! There's a searcher called 'blogpulse' as well, but it's by far not as thorough as technorati which is always good for a surprize!

... I'm still not quite sure what you mean by "miss linking" pictures, since all the pictures in your blog are properly linked to their originators ...? :)

view profile anyjazz65 says: Oh I see. Yes, that is automatic. I also feel I should go back to the original posting and put a link TO the BLOG in the comments under the original. That links the photographer with how I've used the photo. Then I learn pretty quickly if they don’t want the picture used.

(I rambled on about this all morning but after a little more coffee, I edited back to this.)

view profile soozika says: Oh I see ;)

Think I'll have some coffee as well.

Thanks soozika. Your comments have captured the morning.

While it’s not exactly a major issue, maybe there should be some discussion to clear up some foggy areas or perhaps to confuse some areas that otherwise were rather clear.

Mostly this blog has collected pictures of a similar theme and placed them together, their collective beauty producing a stunning effect. Other times only one picture with an interesting discussion is given its own page.

Yes, Flickr automatically links a blogged picture back to the original Flickr photostream which is definitely as it should be.

But also, when using a photograph from Flickr, it seems appropriate to go back to the original posting and put a link back TO THE BLOG in the comments section under the picture. That lets the photographer know the photo has been blogged. The photographer can respond pretty quickly if they don’t want the picture used in that venue.
Most on Flickr are pleased or ambivalent about blogging but there is one now and then that gets all fussy about it. There were only two so far, actually. Since there are less than 200 photographs from friends on Flickr used in this blog, that’s about one in a hundred that was not comfortable with it.

It’s difficult to understand their thinking, but their wishes must be respected. They DO have the option of turning off the blog button if they don’t want their photo blogged. They do have option controls if they don’t want larger sizes available and downloadable. They do have three levels of privacy controls if they want to limit viewing to a select few. They don’t have to post on Flickr at all, actually.

There are about 450 million photographs on Flickr today. The hearts for the valentine page were collected mostly from the familiar circle of friends. Wandering about Flickr found the others. There are more than 58 thousand photographs tagged with “heart” and 150 thousand mention “valentine” somewhere in the text. There are thousands of photographs with an approving blog button and pleasant conversation in the comments. There are thousands without distracting borders and watermarks and signatures inside the frame.

So considering all that, if someone doesn’t want a photo used, there is usually no trouble finding an alternate example.

In reality, using a photograph on this blog is just an extension of the “photo-sharing” theme of Flickr. There are no ads on this blog and the pictures are not used to promote anything except the excellence of the photographer or to expand on an interesting discussion of either or both.

Looking back, none of this is very interesting, is it? Oh well, I got out of mowing the back yard.

An old friend.
originally uploaded by soozika.

The compulsion of the key
originally uploaded by Lucky Clov.

winter garden 1
originally uploaded by xanderkoz.

originally uploaded by JKonig.

originally uploaded by ed ed.

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  • At Monday, March 19, 2007 3:59:00 AM, Anonymous Lucky said…

    A very elegantly illutrated rant, if I may say so! ;-)
    You make a great curator :-)), and which matches your own artistic work superbly!

  • At Monday, March 19, 2007 7:02:00 AM, Blogger anyjazz said…

    You are WAY too kind soozika. Thanks very much. You know I am a big fan of your photography.

  • At Monday, March 19, 2007 11:59:00 PM, Blogger MXI said…

    Just popped in to say hello and have a look around, you don't mind if I wander through here do you? I'll lockup when I leave.
    Your Bullwinkle comment broke me up and was trying to find a way to use it, but the gray matter can't come up with anything.
    Take care...

  • At Wednesday, March 21, 2007 9:57:00 AM, Blogger anyjazz said…

    Craig, welcome to my world. And many thanks for the "Special" recommendation to this blog that you put on your static page. When I get back to home base I plan to add a similar link back to your blog. That's funny stuff!

  • At Wednesday, March 21, 2007 10:03:00 AM, Blogger anyjazz said…

    And many thanks to lucky clov. Sorry I missed your comment before. I am happy to redisplay combinations of such stunning photography. Your work is consistently superb. Everyone should visit your photostream.

  • At Friday, March 23, 2007 11:48:00 PM, Blogger MXI said…

    I was hoping you were not offended and would see the humo(u)r in it, then when you signed one comment with "Clemens" I felt better...


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