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Oh no, not again...

Where will it all end?
WILL it all end?
Do we want it all to end?
Do we all want it to end?

Which end are we talking about?
Is there an end in sight?
Do we need to see the end?
Do we want to see the end?
Does that depend on whose end we have in sight?
Is that naughty?
Can I have dessert anyway?

Let’s credit the brilliant leadership of view profile ed ed and
the Cosmic Collective Creativity of view profile soozika for opening a world of thirsty fish and other utterly unrelated, useless phenomenon.

Here now, is your extra credit assignment: You are searching in pitch darkness for a wet spot in the bedding, and you find it. The question of the day is: Do you wish you hadn’t found it or do you wish you hadn’t felt around for it? (You will be grounded for using any word beginning with "B" in your essay.)

The quote of the day is: “Never say always; always say never.” (---Arnold Auk,upon waking from a coma induced by jumping on his brother’s bed and striking his head on the apartment ceiling. Yes, he was told repeatedly not to jump on the bed. His brother was away at the time. His sister was married and living in Alberta , but that’s certainly another story.)

For background on this and other unrelated evidence of global worming CLICK HERE!

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