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I don't know how it works either. I THINK I know what the big boys tell me. There are 500 photographs chosen for explorer each day and their rankings change within the day (how many times I couldn't guess. ) If your photo drops to #501 in the rankings it will drop off the charts until it maybe jumps into the top 500 again. The rankings are based (again, as the big boys taught me) on how many visits, favorites and comments each photo has and how FAST it collects them. The Favorites probably outweigh the Comments and the Comments probably Outweigh the visits. The number of groups they are posted in also adjusts the rank somehow. (the fewer postings, the higher the rank). The number and kind of tags figures in too. Beyond that, I understand, Flickr isn't telling. If anyone can correct or supplement this loose description, help out!

Here is a nice LONG discussion on it:

Well as long as I'm on a rant about it, I might as well add this too. Apparently Flickr gives each photo a unique number by just numbering them consecutively upon arrival. The number for the above bird picture is 218727061...(see the URL line at Flickr...) and
If this is pink and white
this is one of the first photogrphs I uploaded which was #45142957.

If that is true, using my own numbers over the past 11 months, Flickr has upoladed at least 170 million photos. That's an average of more than 15 million a month, over 500 thousand a day. Average. To have ONE photo in the top 500 for that day is pretty rare atmosphere. Flickr has more than 200 million photographs numbered now (AT THIS DATE!).

Of course when the photosite was younger there were fewer members, fewer photos per month, perhaps as few as 10,000. Now of course it is probably 25 million a month. Or so.

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