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The World as Seen by a Photographer - Castles and Walls

For Tuesday, for a few weeks, let's look at some excellent captures by a photographer friend we know only as fulvue, on Flickr. Fulvue prefers film cameras and so his photographs have a special flavor about them.

See if you don't agree. We will include his captions.

In his travels fulvue encounters castles and ruins ...


Scotland last Autumn. Loch Awe Hotel. Rollei 35S.

The hotel was bought by a coaching holiday firm (Lochs and Glenns) who have tastefully renovated it in period/contemporary style. They have several hotels in the Highlands, usually in superb settings like this, and operate tour holidays in the region, with the passengers coming from the south, in England.

I brought this old postcard view not too long ago. Not much has changed!

Ols pics300

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