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Toot Toot...

Yes, I refuse to use Kleenex until this mess is cleaned up.

You can’t be classified as a “clean-freak” if you have more than two toot-toot’s in your bathroom waste basket.

Oh. Okay. For those of you not thoroughly indoctrinated with the subtleties in the vernacular of the two-year old, here is a bit of clarification.

Toot-Toot (tut-tut)
Function: noun

1. Musical instrument
2. The cardboard cylinder center of a toilet paper roll.
3. Two short blasts (as on a horn or toot-toot); also : two sounds resembling such a blast


Find the box of interesting things sitting in the corner of the bathroom. (That’s the room with the big shiny white chair.) Dump that box of interesting things onto the floor.


Scavenge one of those little grey tube things. Place one open end to your lips, say: “Toot, toot,” while marching around the house as in a parade. Repeat as needed to get attention or until mommy gets the camera.


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