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The Girls

I refuse to use Kleenex until
this mess
is cleaned up.

Angel and the Lawn Mower

Here are some lovely women.

Somewhere, sometime, someone treasured each of these women. Now, the photographs are the treasures.
These are found photographs. They have no known home except here.

Presented here is a typical pose: outside, in their best dress, smiling at the photographer. Often the background
is overlooked or the sun is in the wrong place or the camera is not level. Still they are treasures. With one of these
ladies as the center of attention, the background and the lighting become unimportant. It is the moment that is
important. The photo is important.

Now these photographs are wallet wrinkled, finger marked and frayed. They have scrapes and creases and torn edges.
There are tape marks and glue stains. They have been thumb tacked and taped to walls and doors and trimmed to fit a frame.
They have been folded and splattered and scuffed. But they survived. They survived to continue to make imagination
smolder and inspiration sparkle.

Look at them. Some are fragile, some are strong. Some are happy, some look happy.
Here are the sisters and mothers and wives that we care for and protect.

Back then these women were the homemakers and the teachers. Now they are the bosses and the leaders, the heads of
struggling families and corporations.

These are our treasures.

Girl One
Girl One
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Girl Two.

Girl Two
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Babs looked around.

Asia wore dresses like this all the time.

Frau Fritz Bassermann



Aunt Ora Sands, July 1923

Cindy Tidmore

Nilmutch always yours

Nell Taylor

Loya Johnson

oola la



I'm standing on an ant hill.

Windy day

Public Sale

Babe in the woods...


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