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Come in

Come in, originally uploaded by anyjazz65.

Crowell, Texas is actually a thriving small town over near the panhandle on state highway 70. This abandoned building is not typical of the town as so often is the case in Oklahoma and Texas.

The trusty camera got a few shots of this and a couple other buildings on the same street while passing through there on a trip in the southeast corner of New Mexico trip last year.

This tiny tintype portrait was found in a drawer in Purcell, Oklahoma and seemed a bit haunting. The vacant but knowing expression and the piercing eyes melt into a memory easily.

The building has a haunting quality too, so it was no stretch to put them together. It was a bit of level adjustment, a few layers, colors and some freehand shading. Now the building is occupied.

Is my hair on straight?,
originally uploaded by anyjazz65.

Apartment Crowell, TX,

originally uploaded by Seth Gaines.

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  • At Sunday, June 20, 2010 4:00:00 AM, Anonymous Michelle said…

    I grew up in Crowell, and am very familiar with this building, was the top picture of it inhanced or was the person standing in the right side doorway when you shot the photo? Just curious, very creepy!


  • At Sunday, June 20, 2010 9:56:00 AM, Blogger anyjazz said…

    Thanks for your visit! Yes, the figure in the little tintype was reversed and placed in the doorway later. They seemed to go together. The second photograph of the same building is by Flickr member Seth Gaines and is untouched.

    We admire the town of Crowell, Texas. It has its own recycling center which we think all towns should have.


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