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Bookshelf Auto-biography

Some time ago it struck me (ideas are seldom subtle discoveries for me) that a bookshelf or two tells a lot about a person; a mini-biography, a little portrait on the self.

People treat books in various manners.

There are a precious few who have no books around the home. They read only those they co-own with the public library system. The only thing we know about this group of people is that they are not ordinary.

The bulk of us keep all the books we have ever read, all the books we intend to read or all the books that have been given to us (often by the extraordinary people in the first group.) and have no intention of reading, ever. Those books are in shellacked shelves, in shopworn shoeboxes behind the wardrobe shoe-racks, in supermarket sacks in the cellar and in stashes under the sofa minded by well-read but senile dust bunnies.

Bookshelf Auto-biography
Bookshelf Auto-biography
originally uploaded by anyjazz65

originally uploaded bysoozika

There is a third group of readers who retain only the books that the felt were the best; the most moving, meaningful and memorial, to be memorized through continued future perusals.

Most people have at least an armload of books on a shelf somewhere. These tell a lot about a person perhaps.

So here are a few bookshelf biographies that I have found lately. The only criterion for these photographs is that one must be able to read the titles on the spines.

opie jeanne has several shots of her bookshelf but I liked these two.

originally uploaded by opie_jeanne.

IMG_8881, originally uploaded by opie_jeanne.

And ed ed had several photographs of books so I picked three.

the snowman's bookshelf,
originally uploaded by ed ed.

food and drink,
originally uploaded by ed ed.

originally uploaded by ed ed.

Books piling up, originally uploaded by mafleen.

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