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Lagavulin hanging out

Lagavulin hanging out
Originally uploaded by soozika

soozika seemed to get a good giggle out of the "Fishin' Wine" episode. This shot on the right of a wine bottle was in her photostream and was very tempting.

Ingredients and recipe:
One old wine bottle (empty...slowly... and scrape label)
One Screw Top Lid
One Brown paper sack (shredded)
One Sheet Green construction paper (shredded)
Design, print label for La Conga Rum (no insects were harmed in making this label)
Design and print a new tax stamp (official for Puerto Salsa)
Mix shredded paper and make nest in an old soft drink carton.
Gluestick label and stamp to bottle in approptiate places.
Place newly labeled bottled in the nest and photograph.
Skew and rotate photo in photoshop to match the original.

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