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Yes, I refused to use Kleenex until this mess was cleaned up. AND THEY DID!.

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She sat alone in the corner
Dreaming her fading dreams,
Watching her world whistle and whine,
Away and without her.
Once more she thought, once more in the sky.
Once more where there is no horizon,
To fly, once more, to fly.

First, I must make it clear that I have an odd fixation for any old aircraft. There is just something about their appearance and history that makes me drift a bit. I have never wanted to be a pilot, I just get fascinated by the histories of these machines, especially the military types of WW11.
That said, the Lockheed Constellation was another brainchild of the illustrious Howard Hughes. This one considerably more useful than his Spruce Goose. Set apart by its distictive triple tail rudder profile, it dominated the skies just before the jet airliners flew into the scene. Of the 856 that were built, there are only five still flying.
The "survivor" shown above sat at the Smoky Hill base in Salina, Kansas for years, a decade ago. I have no idea where it is now.

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