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The Business of Religion.

What a thought.

That religion has played a beneficial part in the growth and quality of humankind is a given. Organized religion promotes faith and self confidence and solace and a slate of things that humans need.

No doubt that most wars have religion somewhere in their description. Maybe all.

There has been for a long time a nagging wonder about the business of religion. Perhaps I should say the "business" of religion.
In the name of religion there are many peoples being herded into groups in order to raise money. Does anyone remember any religious function that did not involve money? A wedding? A funeral? A Wednesday night prayer meeting?

Of course the church building must be cleaned, maintained. The activities, children’s programs, missionary work, must be financed.

There are many “Ordained” ministers that hold services in their rec-room basement for a few neighbors and friends. There are church buildings that cost in the millions with vast flocks of members officiated by a TV personality minister.

And of course, it is tax free…


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