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Found Friday - School Pictures

In the past year, fewer and fewer “found” items, grocery lists, sticky tab notes, homework, love notes and reminders, have been turning up. I have no idea why this is. In times past, I have found at least one interesting scrap of paper on every trip out to the grocery store or a neighboring state. But the pickings have been slim to none lately. So, until the scavenging improves, I will run a particularly fine “found” photograph from over in LOST GALLERY on each Found Friday. Just to fill in the gaps.

School Picture
Picture Number ONE

School Picture

On reverse:
Gordon Wingate
Harry Wingate
James O'Connel
Bruce Harrington
Harlow Trescott
Richard Clancy
2nd row
Leon Voster
Dana Colingrove
Jimmy Homet
John O'Neal
Paul Heath
Acker Smith
Richard Homet
John Cole
Charles Brown
George Shuster
3rd row
Alice Phillips
Hazle Cole
Agnes A.
Margorie Vosler
Marlyn Ward
Marie Thomas
Betty Jane Douglas
Olitta Morse
Evelyn Benson
Joyce Temperato
Helen Redman
Miss Snyder

Class picture: Photograph number TWO
Picture Number TWO

Class picture (fifth) (Picture number THREE)
Picture Number THREE

I found all three of these pictures together.

I saw that Miss Snyder is in two of them. So perhaps there might be some of the same kids in more than one of the photographs.

The first photograph is the only one of the three that is labeled.

Then I noticed an "X" on two of the pictures. Sure enough they look like the same girl. Unfortunately there is no “X” girl in the labeled photograph so we still don’t know her name.

In the labeled photograph, she looks a great deal like the girl, front row, far right. If it is the “X” girl then her name would be Helen Redman.
Helen Redman?

Then I noticed another similarity. In the first picture the girl named Marie Thomas, sixth from the left, front row, appears to be front row, second from right in photograph number TWO. And in picture number THREE she is the first girl on the left, row one.
Marie Thomas?

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